Age of Darkness aka Age of the Long Night

The death of the second age ended in Fire and Blood, the birth of the third was that of death and darkness. Life should have ended with the destruction of mans world as the sun itslef was blotted out and darkness descended upon the wings of fire that has scoured the great cities of man into broken corpses with only the wind howling through the monuments of man where once childrens voices had sang. The fires that had descended from the heavens , the fires that had ended once and for all the Great War, these fires once they died down left only death and despair in thier wake. Where once man and his machines had ruled, now only the forces of Oblivian ruled.

It would have all ended save for one thing, one race that had lived since the height of the first age, the race that would in the ages to come be called Elves. These Elves though were something different then thier descendants are. They were spirits of power, entities of natural power, immortal and immensly powerful. They saw the devestation and reacted to slow to stop it, but they finanly did act and carved many havens, places fed with thier own life force, as the foundation of life , plants required the life force given them by the now darkened sun and without it they were dying and if they all died then everything else living would follow them soon after. The elves power replaced the life the plants noramly recieved from the sun and through the elves power they carved the Oasis’s. These places became beacons of light and hope for all who could find them, but they also stood in Oblivions path to see all life extinguished. Oblivion marshaled its forces and began to seek to smother the Oasis’s light. It moved slowly , confidant that the sun would never again shine and that all it had to do was remove the light the elves created and blessed death and eternal night would rule. Some in desperation served Oblivian and some were enslaved by it, though most fell beneath it, those that could not reach the safty of the elves santuaries fell one way or another.

The elves would have lost eventualy had it not been for the emergence and birth of the great Dragons, led by the thier Primordial parents. The power they added to the elved struggle gave hope and the war raged for untold decades. Eventualy the elves knew that there would have to be an end, they could feel thier power bleeding away and knew that soon they would become to weak to maintian the Oasis’s. So a great coucil was called and they decided that they must open the skies once more and regain the light of the sun. A great ritual would be performed by the elves while the forces of the dragons and everyone else would hold Oblivian at bay, for once Oblivian felt what the elves were seeking to do , it would bring everything it could to stop them. It would be a win or lose fight, at stake was life itself. legends say the greatest armies that have ever exisited were raised, the sky filled with the dragons as they stood ready to protect the elves as they worked a magic of a kind not performed since the First age.

Many times Oblivian hammered the defences and saught to break through the defenders to stop the Ritual. The dragons and the other races fell in the thousands, rivers of blood ran across the land, but everyone knew that only death awaited if they failed. monsters that defied rational though struck at them in all ways that it could. Just when the defenders despaired and began to break did the elves finish and thier light reach out and break through the barrier that held the sun at bay and once more the light of the sun shone upon the world and Oblivian fled from its cleansing Light. The mortal races , most who knew nothing of the elves themselves saw dragon kind as thier saviors and many fell to their knees worshiping these great beings who had returned the light and life to them. The dragons took followers with them and went into the world bearing fruits and seeds from the Oasis’s to once more spread life into the Wastelands. The elves were glad to see them go and they believed existance could once return to as it had been before.

They soon faced the greatest shock they could have ever have concieved off. The first of them passed beyond the veil, not from the power of Oblivian, but from Time. They were now mortal, long lived, thier life span only exceeded by the dragons, but they now were mortal, this revelation shook them to thier core as another shock would find them, they no longer held the ties to natures power they once had, the power they commanded now was the tiniest of shards , a shadow of a fragment of what they once commanded. They were no longer godlike entities, but now they were mortal, even the memories began to fade as they lost near everything they once were. To add to it almost no one knew the sacrifice they had made, they all believed that the dragons had been thier saviors. Most of the elves withdrew into isolation, seeking the wilds where they could feel the echo of what they had once been resonate in thier souls as they mourned what they had given to save a world that didnt even know the price that had been paid.

The rest of the world settled in nations governed by ther dragon overlords. The Age of Darkness had ended and the Great Age of the Dragons began.

Age of Darkness aka Age of the Long Night

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