Age of Dragons

No mortal being, not even the greatest of dragons can bear the burden of worship without the temptation of that power twisting even the most noble of them into something terrible.

The Dragons created over the centuries great nations, bringing life to the Wastelands and seeing Life once more flourish, and the other races loved them and worshiped them for it. They were raised as gods ,even if some refused to accept such titles at first. Each dragon race had its won views and desires, but at core all dragons have a certian desire to gain wealth and power, some temper it with good deeds and kindess, others unleash it and use it to gain as much power and wealth as they could ensnare in thier clawed hands. Soon nations developed , each dedicated to different dragon races, each ruled by the drives and desires of their dragon overlords. Some ruled kindly , while others were cruel despots that demanded living sacrifices.

For a long time this was accepted, after all the Dragons had saved them all, so what if they asked for something in return, it was a fair bargain. Though as the centuries passed and the memories of the shorter lived raced faded , they began to chafe of the dragons rule. The dragons themselves became Proud and Arrogant, taking up the titles of gods and goddesses. The good dragons saw them selves as the parent figures of the younger races, sometimes reaching down to smack an unruly child, for his own good off course, the evil dragons reveled in their power and demanded greater and greater tribute in flesh and gold. Soon wars began between rival dragon nations, each using their servant races for armies.

The weaker races despaired for they knew they could not stand against the might of the gods, so they knelt before them. When the dragons outlawed the worship of any other gods this angered the actual gods and they began to plan on how to help thier followers. The final straw though was when the dragons in thier ultimate arrogane and pride turned away from thier own gods and even from the Primordial dragons, after all if there were gods, they didnt need gods themselves.

The Primordial dragons , the draconic gods and the pantheons met and agreed that the dragons must be taught a lesson and their power broken. They created the great Dragonslayers, a race of titans created for the purpose of killing dragons. Each armed with terrible weapons crafted to kill all dragons ( save the Primordial Dragons) and armoured against the power the dragons might bring to bear. The younger gods were given the secrets of Wyrm slaying and each in turn gave these secrets to their followers as they guided them across the world to build in secret, thier actions hidden from the dragon overlords sight by the power of the gods and the Primordial Dragons. When they were ready they rose up in mass and the Great Dragon War began.

The Dragon War was a terrible and brutal war that despite the advantage of suprise lasted over 100 years. Millions perished under dragon claws, breath and magic, but thousands of the wyrms also persished under mortal spell, blade and bolt.

Dragons are incredibly proud beings, but also vastly inteligent and wise. Some saw the error of what they had done and withdrew, some were shown by their gods and asked for forgiveness and were forgiven of thier sins, of course many allowed pride to overshadow anything else and these kept the war grinding on. Those that withdrew, either went to the west where they gathered to consider how to end the war, or they witdrew to distant lairs to be away from the war altogether. The ones that gathered formed a great council of Wryms. They , thier gods and the Primordial Dragons discussed how to end the war as well as sending emmiseries to the embattled dragons to convince them to cease fighting. Both sides refused to give ground and the war became darker. The council soon realized that the other forces and former slaves had no intention short of killing them all. The Primordial dragons went with the dragon gods to where the other pantheons resided and asked them to request a parlay and to seek a resolution to the war that did not include extincton of the dragon races. At first the other gods refused but the primordial dragons made it clear that as to that point they had not entered the fight, if it was made a war for the very survival of dragonkind , then they would enter the war with everything they could bring to bear, even if it cracked the world itself. At first some of the more beligerient gods refused them so as a flight the 12 primordial dragons (1 had not been seen since the end of the last age) engaged battle against one of th greatest armies that faught against the dragons and wiped them out to the last man. They then returned, bloody but not seriously harmed and once more asked for peace. This time seeing that if it continued it would truly be a war of extincition. After several months of debate an agreement was reached and the primordial dragons and the gods crafted a great treaty known as the Treaty of the Fallen Wyrm that magcialy bound both sides to its decress. The dragons agreed to never seek to be worshiped, to declare themselved gods, or to conquer nations, and the other side agreed to end the war and not seek the extincion of dragon kind, the Dragonslayers were bound to the treaty and placed deep within the earth in slumber. The dragons were given a large section of land to rule over as long as they didnt try to seek worship. The blue dragons contended that the land given did not have the deserts they needed so a consession was granted to give them the great deserts of the west as thier land to rule. The white dragons were not even present and had not been involved in the war, just as the primordial White had not been seen since the end of the last age. Thus the white dragons were not included in the Treaty at all, though few even noticed or cared.

Thus was born the nations of Draconia and Kala Fi as well as with the power they had forged from the war, the other races entered a golden age and the birth of the Kingdom of Sorcery came to be. A vast nation that was ruled by the Magister ,a kingdom of enlightenment with astonishing advancments in magic at all levels. Thus would be born the Age of Sorcery. Another nation would be born from the intelecuals , a nation of learning known as Kalavar.

Age of Dragons

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