Age of High Magic aka era of Kingdom of Sorcery

The Age of Sorcery, also known as the Age of Wonders and the Age of Power. This was a time of high magic. The goddess of magic Mystryl placed no boundries on what mortals could reach, only thier own ambition and abilities determined what they could do with the Art. The gods granted more and more power to thier priest in an effort to keep them on par with the wizards. New branched of magic were uncovered or in some cases even created. For time everyone benifited from the power and convenience magic carried.

Even the common man saw the benifits from animated tools, magicaly enhanced crops, protected roads and even easy access minor healing. Towers were built that were linked via magical gateways that allowed fast travel and transportation of goods. The lands of the west that lay between the forest of the Elves and the deserts of the blue dragons were found to be very fertile and soon settlments blossomed as farming became a major industry. Lady Elania was the explorer who discovered the fertile lands and the province was named after her.

Though relations were strained at times, most of the time Draconia traded very prosperly with kingdom of Sorcery. Monsters were driven into the north and though they continued to raid the borders for the most part the land was comepletely safe. The Magister council during one of the raids gave permission for the creation of legions to serve as border guards. They were to be crafted to be loyal and powerful. The greatest Transmuters of the age came together and crafted the Beast Legions, taking the most powerful aspects of nature and welding it to the cunning of man to create a powerful force that would be unique and bound to the councils will.

With great power comes great pride and this as had happened in a different way with the dragons would seed the doom of the Kinddom of Sorcery. AS time passed the Gift of magic became more and more an important aspect of the nation. At first it barred non Gifted from holding major offices ,but as time progressed the non gifted were driven further from places of prominence. Eventualy children would be tested for the potential for the Gift of Power, if they were found weak or lacking then citizenship was denied and they would be sent to schools so that they could learn the only thing the ungifted were useful for, manual labor. Eventualy with the creation of magical servants that were more pleasing to the Gifted eyes they drove the ungifted from the major cities and eventualy even the main provinces, those born ungifted were sent to the Elania Province to be farmers. The council at the behest of several ambitious wizards passed a decree stating that the ungifted had no rights under the law and could be taken by one of the gifted to be used as they saw fit. Afterall if a tranmuter turned an ingifted into something useful then so much the better.

Elanians rose up several times in rebellion but the Beast Legions and the might of the council broke them time and time again, making terrible examples of rebels.

In the nation of Korvar an insidious evil entered the land of knowledge and truth, a being who was opposed to truth and sought to replace it with her own “truths”. The Rakasha lord and her servants infiltrated all levels of the nation, slowly twisiting it to thier design. The jungle slowly darkened under her influence.

There would be born one man who would chaneg the world. He would be the brightest talent in magic to have ever been born and would spell the doom of the kingdom of Sorcery. He was the Elven first born prince, however a prohesy was given the night of his birth that foretold that he would bring the doom of the Elven people down upon them. The Elven king though he loved his son was a fanatic man who saw it as his duty to kill his son before his son could bring about this doom, but he was not able to do the deed himself and ordered the general of his gaurd to take the baby out and throw him off a cliff. The general took the child but could not bear to kill an innocent, despite his orders and the prophesy , so instead he took the child into the kindgom of sorcery where one of the schools took him in after the test showed his incredibile potential. He would chafe under the schools restrictions and rules and ran away at the age of 45. He then would be recruited by an underground guild and trained as a thief as well as allowed to learn darker magic. He would learn as a young man of his heritage and how the gods had sent the prophesy that had broaght his father to seek to kill him. A deep hatred of the gods grew in the yound wizard and he vowed to see that the gods were driven from the world. To him they only enslaved the mortal races, used them and then even after death continued to use them in thier games of Divinity. He saught out all the power he could gain and by his 100th birthday was one of the most powerful wizards alive.

He then commenced over the next few decades to craft an incredible artifact called the Star Of Eternity this artifact was the key of his plans to break the hold the gods held over the mortal races. He believed that the gods were not omnipotent but mearly powerful entities that could be destroyed if one was powerful eneugh. Once the Star was completed after nearly 40 years of labor, he then began his plans in earnest. he freed a bound fallen Archangel of Tyr who he made his general and then using the Star ripped a gash in the fabric of the multiverse to draw in and alter to make native a army of demons. This would begin the War of Shadows.

He first unleashed his army on the province of Elania as a way to take over the primary source of food other then magical means. Only the weakest of the gifted were placed in charge of the province and a token legion was in place, more for image then actual true combat ability, basicicaly a presence to keep the ungifted inline. They stood little chance before the might of the demonic army. The name of the wizard became Shadowbane. His real name lost to time and war. Some legends say that he had a son that was pure evil and that many of the atrocities that history would place at his feet were in fact the acts of his son who he had with the fallen archangel.

AS the war began the Rakahsa made thier move and isolated the nation of Korvar from the world in a wall of deciet and paranoia, though with Shadowbane few actualy noticed and the jungles of Shri Raja were born.

Next Shadowbane moved the war into the kindom of sorcery proper and the war raged for decades , leaving devestation in its wake. It culmitaned in a battle near one of the greatest provinces known as Varan. Here Shadowbane challenged Mystryl and in a titanic battle killed her, though in the process he himself would vanish before being able to claim her power. Though she had known her doom, she had chosen a successor and her power passed to Mystra. Though in the proccess magic went wild from the shock of Mystryls death. The kingdom of sorcery was torn apart as the magic that held it together warped. In the Capital of Sorcere the magisters attemtped a great ritual that when the goddess died would warp out of their control and pure chaos would begin to bleed in to the world. Only through a great work that cost them all thier lives were they able to contain the forces of pure chaos, though the city and miles of surounding lands would be forever lost, along with all the lore and items of power the city of power held.

The survivors fled the convulsing land into the west leaving the former glourios kingdom in ruins, only the remaining forces of the demon army, the now freed creations of the magisters and things created in the war remained behind in what would be called the Abandoned Lands. Legends speak that one of the Magisters was not in Sorcere at the end and that she gathered survivors on the far eastern side of the continent and took them somewhere else to safty. The War of Shadows was over, half the known land was lost and the age of Power had ended in shadow and fire.

While the last years of the war raged a prophet came to Elania and helped them drive the remains of the demon army from the land and gave the people hope once more. He would then gather his followers with the promise of showing them a great new future, but no on would ever learn his plans as as he went before the people an elven assasin murdered him. The shock and outrage would begin what would be called the Great Purge, in which thorugh the leadership of his enraged followers all who were not human, all those who practiced the accursed magic and all those who followed other gods were killed. The surivors managed to take control of a small city where they were put under siege by the raging mobs. The elven army came to the beleagured refugees and broke them free of the mobs and took them to the elven lands where they could then go thier own way from there. This would set the mood between the new nation of Elania and the Elven nation that would define much of the next age.

Age of High Magic aka era of Kingdom of Sorcery

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