Age of Legends

The Age of Legends is one of the most controveral ages to current historians as very little is actualy known form this age. Its cosidered the First Age and one shrouded in myths. THere are few beings still in existance that can recall anything of this age, even the gods know little of thie prehistory time period as most came into existance in the latter time of this age.

It was an age where the laws of reality as known now did not exist. Beings that existed defy modern understanding, they were more aspects of reality, spritis that warred over ideals and concepts as creation itself shifted depending on what forces were dominant at the time.

The first life were the Primordial beings, they were vastly alien to anything that exist now, even what are considered Abherant races such as the Beholders and Aboleth , though some theorize such beings may be holdovers of the Primordials.

Its known that these beings created new lifeforms for thier alien designs and that these children would rebel agianst thier creaters and cast them down, banishing them to what on reference calls a place without time and outside existance. Thes children would start to then tame reality, placing rules upon the wylds and creating the realms that are more understandable to modern beings.

Elves can draw thier lineage to ancient Sylvan spirits of nature that were embodiments of natures power, these ancient elf like beings would co exist and create many of the animals and plants that exist now, though many would be lost in the coming ages and or be altered.

The beings that are now the known gods would arise in this age and create thier own children that would be placed within the new framework of the laws of Creation and would serve them, though they were careful to also grant free will so that thier children would not feel enslaved and thus eventualy rebel against thier masters. The gods of Earth created the dwarves to live in thier realms. The last race created by the gods was mankind, the birth of Man would signal the end of the First Age and the birth of the Second Age. The gods poured there creativness and potential into thier creation of man, to make him adaptable and able to think in ways the other longer lived races did not. They were given lesser life spans as the gods believed that a shorter life would push the young race to have more drive and ambition then the elder races had.

Man would suprise everyone with thier tenacity and ability to adapt and to adapt thier surroundings to further themselves. Creation would be fully locked into order with thier arrival and everything would be altered forever.

Age of Legends

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