Age of Man

Man suprised everyone.

He went out into the world and flourished. He also refused to embrace magic as a whole and instead sought to understand creation and bind it to the rules of thier reason. This they would call Science. What man did not understand he destroyed or drove from his lands. Soon magical beings were driven from the best lands into the wilderness where they hid, fearing not mans individual power but the power of the whole. Nations arose and made thier mark upon the Earth as magic faded and reason ruled. Science brought its own “magic” in the form of Technology.

Man fough brutal wars among themselves as empires arose and then fell short centuries later , if they lasted that ling. The Immortal gods and races watched them all with curiosity as man was a vastly creative and imagintive race as well thier wars were entertaining to many of the powers. A few gained worshipers among man, but mans worship was a fickle thing that shifted as the sands of time passed.

Man even began to shape the world to fit thier image, cutting roads through the wilderness to connect thier lands, their towns and cities arising from the land as they carved thier nations into Earth.

Soon technology began to grow faster and faster as man began to learn new ways to fight thier wars, new ways to get to resources they needed and or wanted. Soon even the Seas and Skies were within thier reach and they extended thier dominance even into those realms. They learned how to fly where only those winged races once ruled. Massive cities grew with astounding speed as mans numbers reached into realms unthought off by the elder races. The Elves watched with growing concern as man began to tear the world apart with thier machines and wars. They could not reach a consensus on what to do about man and continued to debate as decades passed and mans growth continued at an exponential rate. Soon even space itself was reached by man as they explored creation.

It was also during this age that the Primordial Dragons came into being, many beleive they were born of the resonance of mankind, his ambition, power and greed bound into new beings. Each of these new beings would wear the forms of man to blend in and manipulate form within mans nations. The shards left from each of the Great Dragons birth would stay dormant until the next age as the forces of magic were to weak to grant them life yet.

Its not known how the Final War was started. A Great War would end the reign of man and threaten all life iteself as the world convulsed under the power of mans weapons. Legends speak of fire raining from the sky, entire cities erased by the Fire of the Gods and life itself teetered on the brink of Extinction, in fact many species would forever be lost. Only the intervention of the Elves would save Life, by pouring the very essence into the land and creating Safe Havens as well as beginning to heal the torn and bleeding lands. When the war was over the Long Night would begin.

Age of Man

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