Age of Sorrow

The kindgom of Elania or perhaps more apropriatly the Theocracy of Elania, would grow quickly with the wealth the food they grew fed them and the power of their god helped boslter them. The church would be a central feature and would rule the nation.

The surviving Beast legions would claim a northern section of land for their own to create a nation where race was not a defining factor, only what one offered to the nation mattered. They would offer thier services as elite mercenaries on all scales from bodyguards to armies. The profit would help them build a thriving nation. A council of elected leaders would be formed to create a nation ruled by the people and thus in theory by the one most capable, over being born to the positiion as was more common. They would have several conflicts with Draconia over the border as Draconia claimed that they had taken land from them, and Freeland claimed that the land had been unwanted and unused. A treaty was eventualy drawn up between them with them agreeing to help police the border off the abandoned lands where occasionaly monsters would cross over from and cause great harm to people and property.

The jungle nation of Shri Raja became mostly closed off to foriegners, most who went in never returned and all trade ceased. A war was faught with the elves in an attempt to extend thier land into elven lands but Tal Rahja was defeated and she was bound to the jungles and the border locked. She would create 4 races of servants that she inteneded to use to further her will , but they with the help of the elves and the primordial Bronze dragon would rebel and after several years of war manage to esacape thier creators to find thier own island nation.

The last great citadel of the Kingdom of Sorcery, a trading city called Coventry would rise in prominence becoming a core city of trade that controlled the mass amount of trade. The guilds that owned the trade quickly siezed power and the city nation became ruled by her guilds. She would rise to be the richest city in the known world and despite several attempts by other nations she would never be conquered.

The fragile peace between Elania and the Elven nation would be broken by 5 recognized wars over the last 400 years. The first wars were elven victories but with each war the tide turns more and more against the elven nation and her allies. The last war was ended by the current king making an alliance with the church of Malar and his lycanthropic followers. In return for thier aid they were given a wide strip of land that was inbetween the elves and Elania. The Elanian army was not euquiped to fight shapeshifters so were decimated and they retreated back to thier lands. There is peace for now, but Elania shows no intent to end its designs and another war in inevitable.

Age of Sorrow

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