Elania was founded as a farming province of the kingdom of Sorcery over 2000 years ago.

It is ruled by the church, though there is a system of nobility, the nobles wield little true power, only serving to help with the day to day running of thier lands, though they are allowed privileges in return for the work they provide in administrative task which keep the church free to take care of more spiritual work.

There are several core laws to the church and thus the nation. No other god may be given worship as all other gods will lead man astray and seek to corrupt him.

Noone shall ever practice the foul art of sorcery, all magic arises from the realms of the infernal and while it may apear clean, all who would use it will in time be corrupted by its touch and in the end become a servant of hell.

Only humanity is pure, all other races are tainted by hell and are corrupted by the touch of sorcery and thus the infernal. They may seem innocent and pure, but this is a mask to lure the faithful to thier doom.

The chuch is comprised of 3 official major orders.

The first are the Guides, they are the clerics of the church and have the responsibility of guiding the souls of the people, serving as advisors in all thing spiritual and healing them when they need healing. The lowest rank starts as farm village priest and some are happy serving in that capacity seeing their work as vital to the church and nation, while others seek higher positions of power within the church. As one moves up in rank they assume responsibility for larger regions, until reaching the halls of the Bascilla in the capital where the core power of the church lies in the hands of the Archbishop. A suborder of the guides is the Inquisition. Their task is to root out evil and those who would wield the evil power of magic.

The second order is that of the Knights Templar. That are the primary military arm of the church and are tasked with the defence of the physical life of Elanias people. They care blessed by the god to serve as holy knights ( palidan like) of the church. They can sense the presence of foul sorcery as well as magical deceptions. The Elanian army is a suborder of the knights Templar and the knights serve as officers on the field. Another very small but potent suborder is the Blessed. All children are tested for the gift of being born Magic Dead ( unable to be touched by or effected by any magic), this is a very rare gift even in Elania where it is far more common then any where else. These children are given to the Templar by thier parents as to have a Blessed child is considered to be in great favor of the god and an honor. The children are taken to a special monastary where they are trained in the arts of steath, martial arts and various scouting skills. They are trained and tasked with killing foul wizards and other such magic wielders. With the immunity to magic any arance defences the wizard might have cis useless and most of his spells will do him no good ( though the Blessed is not immune to secondary environmental effects such as a burning building from a fire spell).

The last order are the Providers. They are a druidic order who find a balance of nature and man. They ensure that the fields produce as much as they can, they perform rituals to revitialize the fields between plantings. They also increase animal fertilty and growth and ensure that nature does not harm the fields or farms. Nature in balance and in service to man is the creed of the Providers which off course enrages many other druidic orders. It is due to the work of the providers that has made Elania a fertile nation with vast amounts of food which is then exported across the known world and has made the nation very wealthy. Becuase of the Providers power and influece no wild animal will attack a human , unless attacked first and then they will only defend themselves and seek to escape. Sometimes animals from outside the borders do enter and are not under these retrictions. The providers see lycanthropes as a major evil and seek to destroy them whenever they find them. The Providers also do run wild parks where various animals live to be seen and observed by the more wealthy citizens, the wild animals are controlled and can not seek to cause harm to visitors, so fences and such are not needed or used in these zoos. Druids of Malar especialy hate the Providers as they make predators serve man and thus go against every tenant of the faith of Malar.


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